2017 Ford Raptor Ecoboost

The second generation Raptor is here for the first time since the all new 2015 F150 was introduced. This truck is literally all new with many technological advances and departures from the last Raptor. To start off, like the regular F150, it has a 6061 T4 Aluminum body- making it 500 pounds lighter then the last Raptor. This weight difference pays off with better fuel economy and better performance. Ford says the new truck performs better on soft sand dunes, floating over the sand rather then plowing it.

Officially the name SVT (special vehicle team) has been dropped from the name of the truck. What else has been dropped is the 412hp 6.2L V8 in favor of the Ecoboost v6 tt with 450hp and 510 ft lbs of torque. The funny thing is the Ecoboost wasn’t available in the last raptor, only the V8. Now the Ecoboost is the only option with no V8. Thankfully the 3.5L v6 with twin turbos packs a mean punch with lots of low and mid range power. This engine has direct fuel injection and port fuel injection, piston oil squirters and has been beefed up for this higher output Raptor application. A new automatic transmission backs up the power with 10 (!) speeds! A new first. It can be manually shifted with magnesium paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

All of this technology adds up to amazing performance. Raptor bolts off the line, getting to 60 mph in less then 6 seconds. A time of 5.3 seconds has been reported. The new raptor has six selectable terrain modes. 3 on road modes: normal, sport, weather. 3 off road modes: mud/sand, baja, rock crawl. The computer adjusting the transmission mapping, shock valving, and differentials to the appropriate mode automatically. The truck also has 26% better fuel economy, according to Ford.

The plush leather interior is a wonderful place to be with bolstered seats and a sport steering wheel. There is Ford’s excellent Sync media system and a huge sunroof is available. With the v6 engine, Ford- like some other manufactures has gone to using a sound enhancement system. This uses the radio speakers to ‘enhance’ the sound of the engine, making the v6 sound (better) more like a v8.


Raptor has it’s own specific, super heavy duty frame. Fox racing bypass shocks. Optional bead lock wheels. You can get it in Super cab or Crew Cab. 50,000 is the base price but real world prices are significantly higher with options. Also count on dealers price gouging

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