2017 Smart Fortwo Electric

A car that can be U turned within a 2 lane road without touching the shoulder is now available in electric again! The Smart Fortwo, made by Mercedes was completely redesigned for the 2016 model year. Loosely based on a shortened Renault Twingo platform- Smart is rear engined or motored in this case. The gasoline version is powered by a 89 horsepower turbocharged 3 cylinder- the Electric Drive Smart replaces this with an 81 horsepower electric motor with 118 ft lbs of torque. The 17.6 kilowatt lithium ion battery pack is under the seats where the fuel tank would normally reside.

With electric cars the most important question is the range. The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive has a range of 80-100 miles making it appropriate for urban use only. For the targeted hip Smart buyer this won’t be a problem, especially when you weight the advantages of driving the Smart in congested urban cities. You can park this car practically anywhere! Recharge times are 13 hours with a 110 volt standard outlet. Only two and a half hours with 22o volt plug…


The larger 2016 redesigned Smart is 4 inches wider but the same length and height as the previous model. This extra width benefits handling stability and gives the 2 seater some much needed shoulder room. There is an optional 7″ touch screen navigation with Tom Tom map data. The quirky interior can also be had with a massive sunroof. The rear of the car has a cool clamshell door design-the glass and the tailgate opening separately. The tailgate can support up to 22o pounds and has hidden storage behind its interior panel. Passenger legroom is very good since there are only 2 seats and they are mounted close to the back of the vehicle.

The Smart’s body is constructed of a ultra high strength steel “Tridion Safety Cell”. This safety cell surrounds the passengers and is made to be a fortified space this doesn’t compress in a crash. Also surrounding the occupants are 8, eight airbags. Safety is something the Smart takes seriously and will help you feel a little less intimidated by huge SUV’s.

The last generation Smart electric cars had a very attractive lease deal (well under $200 a month) so check your local incentives. This car could be particularly appealing if you already have solar panels on your home for electricity. The Smart Fortwo Electric starts at $25,000

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  1. Hi Isaiah

    I really like what you have done with this website. Very clean, neat graphics, easy navigation and a great illustration of cars available to read and learn more about.

    Even though these cars are not available in Australia, I still found the cars really interesting to read about, especially the Smart Electric Fortwo.

    Well done…


    • Hey Wayne,

      You guys get some really neat cars over there in Australia. Love the Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores! I’m glad you liked the Smart Electric blog and thank you for checking out the website!


  2. Love the looks of this little car and especially the convertible style. Cool interior colors as well. Just not into electric unless you are only booting about town. I live in a remote area so electric and winter plus the remoteness doesn’t work well. Great site, and great info so thanks for sharing with us.

  3. You have a great idea for a site and I love the way you are putting it together. The development of electric cars I find fascinating, and look forward to when they are practical and affordable here in Europe.

    • Thank you John. I appreciate the support! It’ll be interesting to watch the progress of electric cars moving forward.


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