2018 Dodge SRT Demon

The Demon from Dodge, the retro muscle, renaissance company. This is a follow up to their 707 horsepower Hellcat, a car no one thought would be topped. Already a car with the most horsepower of any domestic muscle car. The Demon pushes the bar higher with a 840 horsepower rating. Dodge says the Demon is designed for one thing in mind: dominating the quarter mile. This is where the more focused Demon differs from the Hellcat. Where the Hellcat was compensating for the Challengers overweight 2 1/2 ton platform by adding more horsepower and admittedly more handling and braking to go with it. The Demon is highlighting the strength’s of having a big supercharged Hemi in a big muscle bound Challenger with drag racing conquest as it’s only goal.

There are some standout features for me on the Demon… It lifts the front wheels off the ground on it’s way to a 2.3 second 0-60 run, according to Dodge. This is the first production car cable of such a feat. This is made possible by the first production application of drag radial tires designed for the car by Nitto. As the Hellcat before there are different power modes including an “eco” mode. The highest horsepower pump gas tune is 808 horsepower and then there is a ‘race gas’ tune that gives 840 supercharged horses. This race gas tune is for ‘100’ octane or better gasoline and at this time is believed to be activated by a different engine management computer that comes as part of a Dodge toolbox ($3000). Dodge makes some bold claims on the car including their official quarter mile time of 9.65 at 141 mph (crazy fast and better then any production car, regardless of price). There is also a feature that uses the air conditioning system to super cool the 6.2L Hemi’s supercharger intercooler, lowering intake temps by 30 degrees. Another interesting bit of trivia is the car comes with out a backseat and a passenger seat but you can buy each one back for a dollar. : /

In conclusion this Demon (a name resurrected from Dodge’s 1970’s Dart lineup) takes a big piss on the direction the industry and companies like Toyota are heading in with their Hybrids. It’s not trying to save the world from pollution or apply the brakes for you incase you’re texting. It doesn’t have much practical usefulness beyond, get in, sit down and shut up but it is quite a machine! Somewhat of a rich mans toy with a sticker that I’m assuming is approaching 100 grand. What do you think it will cost? I do like that Dodge is pushing the envelope for stock, warrantied horsepower. Wait what is the warranty again? : )







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  1. Hi Isaiah, I think you have a very good website and concept. I like your over all lay out, and found your blogs well written and informative. Man the new Demon sounds insane!! I don’t think there is anything on the market that could catch it. It should be interesting to see what Ford and Chevy do in the near future. Keep up with your awesome reviews.

    • Totally agree with you Ryan- we’ll see if Ford and Chevy have something for this Demon! The upcoming ZR1 Corvette could have a better power to weight ratio but will it be able to beat the Demon in the quarter? Thank you for the kind words! I’ll be updating this site daily.


  2. Really cool car. I used to love the 1970s car model even the 1969 versions like Mustang, Dodge Charger, etc.. I liked the newer versions they did lately… resurrecting these old models.

    This Demon really has a cool look and seems to be really powerful as well. I wish I could take it for a test drive!

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