About Me

Hey everyone, I’m Isaiah and cars have always been a big part of my life.

I never liked sitting in school- I graduated from a great Waldorf high school and skipped college. I’ve taken design, visual arts and art direction courses at Gnomon school, UCLA extension and Art Center college here in LA. I started selling cars after high school for a new car dealership. After a couple years and a couple dealerships, I was worn out on sales. The last 10 years I’ve been working for a tv production company as a stage manager.

Along the way I’ve owned lots of cars including a ’71 Torino GT, ’73 Mustang Mach1, ’74 Gran Torino, ’76 Trans Am, a couple of Crown Victorias, Hondas, Land Rovers and Mercedes. I’m 6’9 so I appreciate a big car and a Lincoln Town Car is my daily driver right now. I have a couple other cars I’ll feature on the website. I love working/wrenching on cars and do all my own work in my garage.

I’ll also ask that if I say something that captures your interest, that you get involved with my site. I love to talk about cars and if you have something interesting to share or any opinions, please leave a comment. (you don’t have to enter your email)

I love comments and feedback!